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As your business grows, the role of IT should become more strategic. Helping you to make decisions that will improve customer service and employee productivity.

More value from IT    

In the past, the primary role of IT was to troubleshoot user issues, ensure proper backups, maintain systems and minimize interruptions. Cloud and hosting deployment options help offload those issues to specialized vendors, freeing IT resources or budget to drive strategic value for your business, including:

  • Saving cash to invest in new lines of business, expand into new markets or to save for a rainy day.
  • Having more time to identify additional ways to drive business process improvement and reduce expenses.
  • Provide expert advice to manage operational, financial and legal risks.

And cloud services give you the ability to quickly scale IT capacity up or down to fit sales swings or rapid growth, moving fixed expenses into the variable column.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduce your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.
  • Get up and running quickly.
  • Manage your cash flow better with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution. You can also purchase a traditional perpetual license and have it hosted by a partner.
  • Scalable to fit to your organization’s current needs with the ability to adjust to seasonal variation and business expansion.

Businesses around the world count on Microsoft Dynamics to help them achieve profitable growth through greater operational control, improved employee productivity and deeper insight.