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Hosted Exchange

It’s the best of both worlds: you deploy Exchange 2013 to improve employee collaboration and mobility and you leverage Altara’s cloud to save capital and eliminate worries.  This gives you more effective employees on the one hand, and a leaner and more focused IT on the other.  Here are some additional reasons to use Altara’s Hosted Exchange:

Preserve your capital

Why invest in on-premise servers when you can leverage our enterprise-grade cloud to power your business?

  • No hardware to buy and no server software to install.
  • Shift email costs directly to your operating budget.
  • Reinvest capital you’d otherwise sink into on-premise hardware

Assure reliability

Altara’s cloud gives businesses the kind of reliability enjoyed by the biggest Fortune 500 companies.

  • Performance.  We minimize network latency while maximizing processing capability.
  • Availability.  We deliver 99.999% uptime with an industry-leading SLA.
  • Data protection and security.  Our responsibility to protect you data is reflected across every aspect of our cloud.

Reduce your expenses

With a simple monthly per-user fee, you offload all the costs of an on-premise deployment.  This let’s you

  • Transfer maintenance, security, stability and risk mitigation expenses to us.
  • Leverage our enterprise-grade cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Contact us today to find out how Hosted Exchange can help you business.