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Government Contracting

Altara understand the unique needs of Government Contractors.

Altara provides forward-thinking federal government contractors with world-class solutions that create business value and increase competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

We understand the special needs of federal government contractors. In fact, many of our employees have previously worked within government contractor organizations.

By far, the largest hurdle for small to midsized government contractors to overcome is the requirement to provide significant detail about the direct, indirect, and overhead expenses associated with every item billed to the goverment in fulfillment of specific contract awards.

To comply with the regulations regarding proper financial management, government contractors must satisfy the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), which is responsible for performing audits for many goverment agencies.

We appreciate that in addition to complying with federal laws and regulations promulgated by CAS, FAR, and DCAA, government contractors must plan for future resource needs and results across multiple projects, periods, and cost allocation pools. They require solutions that enable them to:
•Integrate financial, HR, and project management information together.
•Capture and report time and expenses efficiently.
•Remain compliant with government regulations.
•Manage contract and sales opportunity data efficiently.

Altara leverage the integrated Microsoft platform of technologies to help government contractor clients comply with DCAA compliant requirements, integrate data, simplify processes, and manage opportunities more effectively.


Contact Altara to request more information, or to speak with us about your unique challenges and vision for success.