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Data Integration


Scribe is an established global provider of solutions that easily bring customer data anywhere it’s needed, whether your systems are cloud-based, on-premise, or a mix of both. Scribe’s products help their 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners use customer data to increase revenue, provide superior service and create business value faster.


Your application API is not a Connector.

We’ve all heard it before – “we’ve got an API.” And the rest is left up to you.

We believe connectivity should be painless; you provide credentials and get instant access to your data. Connectivity should be consistent; you should see the metadata, required fields, data types, pick list values. Connectivity should be relevant; the right collection of connectivity for business and customer data, not a long list of cool logos.

  • Click and connect to popular endpoints such as Salesforce®, Eloqua™, Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, and Oracle®.
  • Write custom Connectors with our Connector Developer Kit (CDK).
  • Distribute and sell Connectors on our Marketplace.

Do You Integrate to This?

Scribe’s portfolio of Connectors include popular business applications for CRM, ERP, and marketing automation.

We’ve got connectivity to databases like Oracle®, mySQL, and Microsoft SQLServer® And those text files in the cloud? We’ve got support for Dropbox and OneDrive. Our Marketplace includes an ever growing number of connectors built by our community and certified by Scribe. With our Connectors you can:

  • Integrate applications and automate business processes.
  • Migrate and import data between applications and data sources.
  • Replicate data from your cloud applications to a premise database for reporting & BI.

Build Once, Connect to Many

With Scribe’s Connector Developer Kit (CDK), you can create the custom connector you need the way you want it.

Build your connector once, and use it in combination with any Connector available on our platform. Extensive documentation, video training, and full source code for two of our commercial Connectors to get you started (yes, we use the CDK to build our own Connectors).

  • Enterprise IT: Build connections to legacy or proprietary systems for consistent, controlled access.
  • VAR/SI: Create IP around the applications you know best. Build a connector with your “secret sauce” and offer integrated solutions for your clients without the expensive overhead.
  • Software Vendor: Your API is not enough. Write a connector to your application and instantly connect your customers to the popular business applications they care about.