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Making everything mobile is the mantra of nearly every business and certainly every IT department. And why not? When you give users the same flexibility and functionality in their business systems that they get in their personal lives, they’re happier, they’re more productive and your business reaps the benefits. And when it comes to business insight and reporting, you can put the right information into your people’s hands, anytime they need it, wherever they need to work.

Share data with confidence

Microsoft Dynamicsuses Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server as a platform for collaboration and distribution to extend access to key information and reports to users working from their phones or tablets. And, users can securely save reports to the cloud, access them from their personal devices and easily share them with other members of the team.

This safe and easy way to share data and insight will reward you with increased productivity and a level of service that will be the envy of your peers ‒ and your competition.

BI across the organization

Microsoft Dynamics connects your people and systems, fueling teamwork, increasing accuracy and putting role-based information at their fingertips. When employees have the information that applies to their department, in context with the rest of the organization, they can build a stronger business.

Microsoft Dynamics helps identify trends and risks proactively rather than reactively. With inventory, for example, it means knowing ahead of time what stock levels are in jeopardy, rather than facing under or over supply. It means being able to project gross profit trends, determine when it’s time to add another product or service and understand fiscal target goals before it’s too late to take action.

Microsoft Dynamics looks like, and works with, the Microsoft® Office applications people already know and use. Single user-sign on, an integrated user experience and seamless data flow makes information sharing a breeze no matter where or how you people need to work.