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You may have just spent weeks or months building out your financial reports in Management Reporter, and then a new company is added to Dynamics GP. “Easy,” you think, “I’ll just open up the Management Reporter Console and refresh my company list.” You do this successfully and triumphantly return to Management Reporter to test out the new entity.

And then you see this:

Screenshot of Empty Report Definitions in Management Reporter
Your Report Definitions are completely gone. You frantically click on Rows, Columns and Trees, to no avail – they are all empty.

But suddenly, you remember a blog article you read that said not to panic. You go to Company > Companies, select one of the companies in your list, and click the Modify button.

“Aha!” you notice, “that darn Management Reporter has gone and reset the building block group for the company to ‘Default.’” You calmly click the building block group drop-down, and switch it back to the building block group you have so carefully and thoughtfully developed. (You remember to do this for all the companies in your list.)

And voila! Your reports, rows, columns and trees have re-appeared. Now that these are back, you confidently return to your work, updating the columns and trees as necessary for the new company.

You also think, in the back of your mind, that if you do need assistance with any reporting questions in Management Reporter, you know you can reach out to your resources at Altara.