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Partner Vision & Proposal


The landscape for the ERP and CRM reseller has been changing the last few years.  Couple that with changing economic times, companies who have spent years building successful practices and stellar reputations now worry about their future viability.

If you, as a reseller:

  • Have come to the realization that a change is needed

  • Are looking for more than a simple strategic alliance

  • Want viability, growth and stability

  • Considered the Microsoft sponsored programs (and felt they are not right for you)

Then please reach out to us.  We at Altara have a proposal that may better fit your personal and business goals.

Altara’s vision of growth includes providing the same great personal service our customers are seeking as well as establishing size, stability and resources for our team.  As a result of the organizational changes made within Altara in the beginning of 2012, we are now fast becoming an international entity.


We feel there is something great to offer one another, and together we can build a business that is greater than sum of all its parts. Our unique proposal allows you to be part of a global organization, leveraging our resources, certifications, purchasing power, marketing, AND allows you to maintain business ownership and independence.

What also makes us unique is that we are not remaining Microsoft centric. While we have the ability to sell and implement ALL Microsoft Dynamics products we are looking for organizations who feel there is a need to expand their product offerings.  We want to give our partners the opportunity to learn, sell and implement competitive products, including but not limited to Acumatica.


Contact us for more information.  We understand our offering is not a right fit for everyone but a quick conversation can quickly determine if this is worth taking a deeper look.

Email :

Phone:   1-877-528-2597 x4