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Authors Note: the following survey is particular to Microsoft Dynamics AX but we believe that it applies to any Dynamics product or ERP solution in general.

A fascinating new study by StarBase, a company that according to their website “provides testing and quality assurance services and solutions that take the risk out of deploying IT solutions”, details the challenges that AX program managers have in delivering on time and on budget quality results.

Their study results can be read in an easy to understand and digest blog post that can be found at: AX Program Managers Struggle to Deliver Quality

An illuminating page from their survey is re-produced below:


At initial glance it looked to me like the usual list of suspects that plague all ERP implementations not just AX but a careful second reading highlighted the following for me:

  • I don’t remember seeing a list of ERP implementation issues that prominently feature “Managing Environments” as a key problem
  • The underlying root cause of each of the issues can be traced to people, money and/or environments

Of these three the ONLY one that can be easily addressed is “Environments”!

We can show you how On-Demand Environments powered by Skytap can truly be that Swiss Army Knife for creating, duplicating and managing environments with an elegant user interface that does not require technical (i.e. IT) expertise.

Best of all, low cost “Always-On” or “On-Demand” options can work with not only traditional test environments but can literally “Replicate Reality” by taking an exact copy of your production environment for testing, training and managing complex development cycles.

The proof is in a 15 minute demo pudding!