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If you are having an issue with GP locking up when you click on help this is a known issue with Microsoft GP 2013 R2 and GP 2015. Here is an excerpt from Microsoft’s response:

“As stated in the case description, after a user goes to the Help icon in the upper right hand corner of the GP window and selects index. They enter the first character in the field and suddenly GP becomes unresponsive. You have to manually end task GP.

We have seen this in past cases and it’s actually a known issue with GP 2013 R2 and we have this in GP 2015 as well. We don’t know the cause of the issue but we are able to replicate GP freezing when we go to the Help window and search any topic in the Index tab. It can usually be trigger also if a symbol or word that is not present in the Index is typed. The only workaround for this to search under the Search tab rather than the Index Tab in the Help window.

Again, this is a known issue and the development team is still looking into this. I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you and I hope that there is a fix for it in the near future. As of right now, this is still being looked at. The CR number for this Quality Issue is 84022.”