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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is software that allows businesses to manage business processes and information.  In the past this type of software was only cost effective for large businesses, but no more.  There are an increasing number of solutions being made available to small and mid-sized businesses just like yours.  So one question we get asked frequently is “Is My Business Ready For ERP?”  Well here are 5 reasons your business may be ready:

  1. Your business is growing.  If not managed properly you could see significant slowdowns in growth due to inefficient processes.  By integrating an ERP solution you can avoid this because an ERP solution will support the systems and processes that enable healthy growth.
  2.  You have a tough time accessing business information.  If you are spending more time tracking down important information than actually using it, you would do well to look into an ERP solution.  It can centralize information and make it much easier to access when you need it.
  3. Your finance and HR processes are becoming harder to manage.  When you start seeing growth you will quickly find out that spreadsheets and simple accounting systems just won’t cut it.  You could start to see labor costs shoot up to try and manage this information.  By implementing an ERP solution you can cut back on these costs and make your employee’s jobs more manageable.
  4. Your databases contain double entries and errors.  The more information you have the more difficult it becomes to manage and when you start to have different information on the same client in different areas you are going to see an increase in errors.  These mistakes and time spent correcting them can result in increased wages and decreased productivity.  By implementing an ERP solution, you can ensure that everyone is accessing the same information.
  5. You have numerous processes carried out on different software and systems.  It is common to see many businesses invest in different software for different functions, but in many cases this can lead to high overhead and management costs which can eat away at profits.  Many ERP solutions support a variety of business processes which equates to one solution that covers all aspects of your business, which can be more cost effective.

If you would like to find out more information or if your business is ready for an ERP Solution, please contact us here a Altara.  We have the expertise to help.